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High School

Classroom Lecture


Does your child need homework help, extra practice, or a patient tutor to explain concepts so that it makes sense to your child?

Our tutors help students understand and apply mathematical concepts that are taught in their classrooms. One-on-one tutoring ensures that your child's questions are being answered. 

We help kids catch up, keep up, and stay ahead with crucial math skills for long-term success. Watch your child's confidence and math grade increase.

Study Group

High School English & Spanish

Does your child have challenges reading and comprehending literature and writing essays?

High school English classes are harder and more important because students are required to write in all classes

Our tutors help students build a strong foundation of reading comprehension, advanced grammar skills, vocabulary, and writing.

Learning a foreign language can be challenging. Our tutors will help with reading, writing, speaking, and understanding Spanish as well as increase vocabulary.


Biology, Chemistry, & Physics

Does your child need help writing a science lab report, studying for a test, or balancing chemical equations? 

Our expert science tutors explain and check for understanding in advanced concepts like chemistry, biology, or physics. Get help with your specific science questions around your schedule.

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