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K-8 Tutoring

Classroom Lecture


Does your child need help with understanding and applying the scientific method, phases of matter, magnetism, weather, or any other science topic?


Our expert science tutors explain and check for understanding for your child's specific science questions.

Study Group


Is your child struggling in history? Our tutors will help students learn historical events over time to understand where we are going and what progress looks like.

In the Classroom


Does you child need homework help, extra practice, or a patient tutor to explain the concept so that it makes sense to your child?

Our tutors help students master foundational and problem-solving skills which are crucial. Math builds on previously learned skills.

We help kids catch up, keep up, and stay ahead with crucial math skills for long-term success. Our tutors can help you child increase their confidence and math grade.

Classmates in the Library

Language Arts Reading & Spanish

Is your child guessing at words instead of sounding them out? Good readers are skilled decoders which will increase fluency and improve comprehension.

Our tutors can help your child with reading(phonics and comprehension) grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills,

Being able to read, write, and comprehend on grade level is an essential part of every subject your student is learning in school.

Learning a foreign language can be challenging. Our tutors will help with reading, writing, speaking, and understanding Spanish as well as increase vocabulary.

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