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Is summer learning loss real?

The excitement of the end of the school year is real. The much anticipated last day of school has finally arrived and your kids are ready to kick back and relax. They deserve it. They have worked hard all year and deserve some time to relax and do a whole lot of nothing.

As our kids walk out of the school building for the last time this school year and are excited for summer to begin, the last thing they want to think about is more learning. Most parents agree. It is time to let them be kids.

While schools may stop teaching in the summer, the learning doesn’t have to come to a stop. During the break, we do not have to give them the traditional classroom setting for learning. It can be as simple as reading and using math every day in a variety of situations like playing a game or creating a meal. It is important to keep their brains active. According to many studies, learning loss is real.

Summer vacation can break our kid’s rhythm of instruction. Which can lead to forgetting and require a significant amount of review when they return for school in the fall. This can also have a greater negative effect on the learning of children with special educational needs.

In reality, combating summer slides isn’t as hard as you think. The best way is to keep our kids active. Find fun activities that keep their brain engaged. If the activity is fun, it will encourage them to return and repeat it. Kids will get overwhelmed. The key is keeping them from completely checking out over the summer.

Summer tutoring can also help maintain a routine. Working with one of our online tutors will keep your student academically engaged. Tutoring for even as little as 1 block for 30 minutes a week can help them maintain a consistent schedule. Summer tutoring is a great option for students and families that want to avoid learning loss or go over hard-to-learn concepts from the previous school year. We can also help pre-teach concepts for the upcoming school year and help your child start the school year with confidence.

Our summer tutoring is a great choice during summer vacation. Our tutors’ schedules are flexible and ready to work around your vacation plans. Call us to get on our schedule for as little as 1 block (30 minutes) weekly.

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