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What are the Advantages of Online Tutoring?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Our lives are busy and our schedules are packed. One of my kids has lacrosse practice, the other has hockey practice, and my youngest has horseback. In addition to these activities, my son has an algebra test that he needs to study for and I’m not sure he is comfortable understanding all the material. I looked at his notes and work. I know that I cannot help him. He tried to get help from his teacher however, the teacher only tutors after school and he usually has at least 5 other kids that need help. I know he needs 1:1 help but I am not sure how to fit it into his schedule.

This is a common scenario in our home. Trying to be at 3 different places and still make sure our kids are prepared for classes at school. We know our kids need academic support. However, taking them to be tutored is not an option because I do not have the time. Having the option to tutor online has been a benefit to our family. Here are some benefits of online tutoring that can help all families.

  1. Flexibility: With tutoring online in a 1:1 setting, you have much more flexibility. No driving somewhere to get tutored. You are able to fit it into your schedule between your activities.

  2. You don’t have to be home: Tutoring can be completed regardless of your location. We have the best tutors from coast to coast and they are available to fit your schedule when needed.

  3. No pressure: One-on-one tutoring eliminates the pressure and embarrassment of getting answers wrong in front of your peers. We work on building confidence in addition to building content knowledge.

  4. Easy to access: Tutoring online is easy. You only need your computer and a Wi-Fi connection. Neither you nor your tutor needs to travel anywhere to complete your session.

  5. 1:1 Tutor Blocks: Many of us remember what zoom classrooms were like when schools were closed during Covid. We are teachers and we also remember what it was like. 1:1 online tutoring is not like that at all. We are able to give our complete attention to the student and work towards success and confidence.

Are you considering online tutoring? These are just some of the benefits of online tutoring. Please call us to discuss your needs and how we can support learning and confidence.

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