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Why should my child read daily?

As we have settled into summer vacation, you may be noticing some habits in your child’s daily routine that may be concerning. Are they spending too much time on technology or watching TV? Are they in their room for hours at a time and you aren’t sure what they are doing? Getting kids back on a routine with 20-30 minutes of reading a day might be the cure.

A trip to the library might be what is needed to help pry our kids away from technology. Make a plan or be spontaneous. Take a trip to the library and spend some time with your kids while they explore their interests. Let them choose what they want. As they read, ask questions about the book. Do they like it? Why do they like it? What is their favorite part so far?

As they build their vocabulary and start making connections between vocabulary and the spoken word, you may also notice some unintended positives. Focusing on a book instead of a 30-second video will increase their attention span and strengthen cognition. This is also a safe way for them to explore their emotions through a book. Also, this is a great way to bond with your child by listening to their likes and dislikes.

This simple little trip might be the magic that is needed to keep kids from spending the entire day on technology. Encourage the time spent reading and use it as a tool to connect with your child.

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