Student Athletes

At Cakir Academy we work with student athletes and help them reach their goals. Student athletes have a unique set of needs, and Cakir Academy can help address those needs. Our professional team will work with you to create an individual plan for your student athlete. We know how important it is for you and your student athlete to have athletic and academic success. Here are some examples of support that we provide for student-athletes.

Adult Students

Student Athlete Support

Support for students who miss class often due to training. We know that your athlete works hard at training and sometimes misses class. We can help support the learning that was missed in the classroom. Is your student athlete struggling at school? Are they academically ineligible because of grades? We will provide academic intervention to help get your student to earn passing grades and be eligible to participate in the activities that they love. Does your child lack study skills? We will work with your child and help them develop the study skills they need to be eligible and stay eligible.

Online Tutorial

Online Student

Is your athlete an online student? We can help by providing additional instruction for students who are schooling online.


Test Prep

Has your child taken the SAT/ACT? We can help your child achieve the score they need to reach their dreams.